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Ring Prices


2022 Leg Band Prices for Members Only *

A Special Message from our Ring Registrar

 Please note that Canada Post has been taking much longer than normal to make deliveries. In the past most regular shipment took a few days now it’s been 1 week to 1 month especially to the west coast.

We generally ship uncoded orders in 48 hours and as you know coded orders take 4-6 weeks.
With this in mind I would like to make the following suggestions.

  1. Place your orders early either uncoded or coded please don’t wait until you have chicks you may be disappointed.
  2. If you are late, request express postage ($15) it generally takes 3 days.
  3. If you have a combined order for uncoded and coded bands and don’t want to wait 4-6 weeks for the uncoded; request and pay for 2 shipments.

Hopefully as we get out of this difficult Covid times Canada Post will get back to normal but in the mean time please be aware of these challenges.


Please note that for all band orders, Gary D'Ornellas ( is the person to contact, you may of course order them directly using our secure server at:

Please note that the invoice will not come with your bands as they are generated from our office in Toronto. Coded ring orders generally take approximately eight weeks to arrive once the order has been placed so it is important to order coded bands as soon as possible if you want them to arrive for the November 1st release date. On occasion Canada Customs and Canada Post (although we receive bands by special airmail) are slow in shipping.


The 2022 bands are Brown and the 2023 bands are Dark Blue.

A $5.00 charge for shipping will be added to each order. For ring orders of more than $50.00 the charge is $15.00 as they are sent via registered mail. Note: coded and uncoded orders will be treated as separate orders and shipped separately.

ALUMINIUM CLOSED RINGS (numbered, dated)


A to K $6.50 per 10

L to S $7.50 per 10

T to Y $18.50 per 10



A to K $6.75 per 10

L to S $7.80 per 10

T to Y $20.00 per 10


Note: Sizes T to Y (uncoded) may be ordered singly but will be charged $4.00 each


STAINLESS STEEL CLOSED RINGS (numbered, dated) - Sizes K TO Y  

CLOSED STEEL - $5.40 each, sold singly

CODED STEEL - $5.90 each, minimum order of 5 rings.


PLASTIC SPLITS (undated) - (10 colours available):

SIZES XF to X3: Plain - $4.00 per ten, Numbered - $9.00 per ten,

SIZES 1FB and 2FB: Plain - $4.50 for ten, Numbered - $9.50 for ten,


Sizes XF, XCS,XB and X3 and in just about every colour-$4.00 per ten


METAL SPLITS (numbered, undated)

Numbered, aluminum color with black lettering only, no choice on numbers, unless in stock, or you can wait for them to be ordered, takes up to 6 weeks.



A to S $12.00 per 10

T to Z $17.00 for 10 (size T to Z available individually at $3.50 each, minimum 5 bands.



A to S $13.00 per 10

T to X $18.00 per 10

Y to Z $50.00 per 10


* Please note: Affiliated clubs receive the wholesale price - please ask for a quote.



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