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1. To establish and maintain a national association of interested societies and individuals to promote the advancement of avicultural in Canada.

2. To represent the Canadian avicultural community internationally.

3. To disseminate information on the study and practical application on all aspects of the science of aviculture through the publication of The Avicultural Journal.

4. To support recognized expert aviculturists who are endeavouring to breed rare and endangered species to ensure their future preservation.

5. To foster a greater understanding of the proper care and management of pet birds among the general public.

6. To act on behalf of all Canadian aviculturists to assist all levels of government in preparing informed legislation and policy, where required, relating to aviculture; and to assist affiliate societies in similar endeavours on a provincial, regional, or municipal level.

7. To establish standards for the exhibition of birds in Canada, ensure their proper implementation through the maintenance of a national Judges’ Panel, and to allocate and sponsor an annual Canadian National Bird Show to provide a large scale comparison of birds bred to these standards.

8. To provide a national identification leg band registry, coding service, and a Canadian source of supply of such bands for affiliate societies.

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