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Ring Information Page

Click Here For A Direct Link to Our Secure Ring Order Form!


To use our ring service you must be a member of the A.A.C.C. (current membership is just $35.00 yearly). If you order rings and are not a member, the annual fee will be automatically added to your invoice. Individual members are not allowed to re-sell their bands due to the problem of tracing them to their owner should it be required. Only affiliated societies may re-sell their bands purchased from us and must keep accurate records and provide that information to the AACC upon request.

We have on hand supplies of AACC closed year dated anodized aluminum rings (leg bands) in sizes A to Y. Aluminum ring sizes A to S are available in multiples of 10. Sizes T to Y are considered parrot sizes (the cost of parrot rings is slightly higher as they must be sturdier than rings for smaller birds.) Parrot sizes can be ordered and sold singly both in aluminum and steel. A small quantity of steel rings in sizes T to Y are kept on hand. Colors of rings are different each year. Closed rings are year dated, numbered and have letter size and AAC on them (they must be placed on the bird's leg at a young age, approximately one week but it does depend on the species).

CODED rings are made with individual initials or aviary code or whatever the purchaser chooses. Numbers and letters can be up to 3 or 4 in length on the larger sizes, and can be a combination of numbers and letters. Two to three letters on the small sizes or a combination, but on size A it is preferred only two, and low numbers. The purchaser has to remember that these rings are specially made for them, and take a little longer to be received from our supplier, eight weeks even though orders are sent to us by our supplier via Express Mail. Coded rings do NOT have letter size imprinted. Registration of each code must be paid yearly ($5). All codes must be approved by the Ring Registrar, as the AACC carries over 400 codes and each one must be individual. Parrot size coded bands are available in aluminum or steel with a minimum order of 5 bands.

Also on hand are plastic SPLIT rings in ten different colors. Sizes range XF to X3 and come plain, numbered or striped, again in multiples of 10. 1FB and 2FB come only in plain and numbered, and do not require a tool to apply. We have plastic striped rings in sizes XF, XCS,XB and X3 and in just about every colour combo ( too many to list). An application tool is required for sizes from XF to X3 and is supplied when requested (no charge) with your order. On hand are undated metal splits in sizes C to Y, aluminum colour only, numbered, with AAC imprinted. Sizes T to Y in metal splits can be ordered singly. No tool is required for metal splits.

Ring cutters are also available for a fee for sizes A to S size leg bands and T to Z including stainless steel bands (please visit our products page).

Closed, Coded, plastic and metal splits are available all year around. We expect payment by Paypal. There is a handling charge (for mailing and packaging costs only) with each order. It is generally $5.00 for orders under $50. Larger orders are sent via registered mail and the cost is $15.00. This is to ensure delivery with no concerns about losses.

The AACC issue date for rings is November 1st of each year, i.e. 2021 dated rings are available after November 1st, 2020. Handling charges (for mailing and packaging costs only) are extra on each order.

Gary D'Ornellas, Ring Registrar
Toronto, ON



Ring Colours for Each Year
1990 Orange 1991 Red 1992 Blue 1993 Silver
1994 Orange 1995 Purple 1996 Green 1997 Red
1998 Light Blue 1999 Silver 2000 Orange 2001 Purple
2002 Green 2003 Red 2004 Blue Dark 2005 Silver
2006 Orange 2007 Purple 2008 Green Dark 2009 Red
2010 Blue Dark 2011 Silver 2012 Orange 2013 Purple
2014 Green 2015 Red 2016 Dark 2017 Silver
2018 Red 2019 Black 2020 Light Green 2021 Violet
2022 Brown 2023 Blue Dark 2024 Red 2025 Black
2026 Green 2027 Violet 2028 Brown 2029 Blue Dark


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