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The A.A.C.C. is a national Canadian organization consisting of avicultural societies, individual aviculturists and pet bird owners. The A.A.C.C. came into being in the early seventies to fulfill the need for a truly national aviculture organization to establish a uniform set of standards for the exhibition of cage birds in Canada. Over the years its objects have expanded to include setting ethical standards for the management, exhibition, captive breeding and conservation of all non-agriculture bird species kept in captivity in Canada. Recently we have been pleased to offer our services to many aviculturalists in Canada who have seen pending local and provincial legislation threaten their hobby and their birds. The A.A.C.C. continues to offer many services to its members and affiliates

The National Show

The A.A.C.C. chooses the host club for the National Cage Bird Show every year and partially sponsors the show. This show is held annually in Toronto and is the largest of its kind in Canada. The 'National' also involves ordering of rosettes, show cage tags, and medallion awards for the host society. The A.A.C.C. exchanges rosettes with clubs in other countries at times and these rosettes are also donated to the National Show. We ensure that membership information, journals, press information, etc. is available at the show for distribution to the public.

National Judges' Panel

The A.A.C.C. also maintains a Judges' Panel Listing for accredited Canadian judges for all birds from canaries to parrots. The Judges' Panel needs constant updating with testing and reviews for the judges to maintain a proper national quality panel. Lists of judges are made available to any club or individual who requests them and are published in our magazine.

The Show Manual

The Cage Bird Show Manual, published by the A.A.C.C. several years ago, contains standards for birds and cages and outlines methods for showing birds, judging birds and staging shows. In this book the A.A.C.C. maintains the Canadian standards for breeding and showing birds in this country. The manual has been updated regularly to keep the standards current and is available for $--. A completely revised new edition version is now in the works in a new format. The new version will also include a standard classification system for entering birds in shows and more up to date information on several of the fast changing areas of Canadian aviculture.

Leg Bands

Supplying rings (or leg bands) was the first service the A.A.C.C. offered to our affiliates and the A.A.C.C. has continued to provide excellent and reliable service with top quality rings. We distribute a complete ring size chart which lists most birds kept and bred in captivity in Canada from the smallest finches to the largest parrots. Our most popular bands are the standard closed variety but steel bands are also available for large parrots as well as colored plastic split bands which some breeders use to keep track of smaller birds like canaries and finches. We have registered more than 250 personal codes each year for those breeders that desire this service and all told the A.A.C.C. sells more than 60,000 bands per breeding season with sales increasing each year. We also maintain a registry of ring bands for identification purposes. Further information on rings can be obtained by visiting our Ring Information Page. To locate the correct size band for your bird visit our Ring Size Chart.

The Journal

Our most ambitious regular project is The Avicultural Journal, the magazine of the A.A.C.C., issued quarterly and mailed to members in Canada and around the world. Each issue contains articles on breeding including new techniques from Canada's best breeders plus avian medicine and husbandry, showing birds and general news including a list of shows around the country. Original articles are always invited and advertising is solicited with very attractive rates. Members are entitled to free classified ads. The 'Journal' is the most widely distributed of any Canadian avicultural publication. If you would like a sample copy with a membership form (membership rates are $35 in Canada, $US35 in the U.S.A. and $CD45 or US$40 elsewhere in the world, per year) please e-mail the editor.

The A.P.F.

The A.A.C.C. recently created an independent registered Canadian charity known as The Avian Preservation Foundation ("APF"). We need everyone's assistance to make our goals come true so please be generous with your tax deductible donations!

Legislative and CITES Work

Aviculturists in other parts of the world are frequently forced to deal with senseless and misdirected laws prohibiting the keeping of birds in captivity. The A.A.C.C. is committed to fight against such legislation whether it is federal, provincial or municipal and is in constant contact with Canadian Government authorities. Most recently, the A.A.C.C. was fortunate to offer considerable assistance to those people living in the Toronto area where an ill advised exotic animal by-law nearly prohibited the keeping of many types of companion animals including birds! A few months later Kitchener was scene of another exotic animal by-law. Again, in Manitoba in July 2000, our President, Mr. Dunstan Browne, made a presentation to the select committee regarding another misguided provincial law and just recently we scored another success in Maple Ridge, BC!

The A.A.C.C. and the A.P.F. hold the status of non voting organizations with the United Nations C.I.T.E.S. (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of flora and fauna) Secretariat. It is at this convention, held every second year in a different part of the world, where the Canadian delegate votes on international legislation which can affect the import and export of birds and how endangered species are treated in their native habitat. Our representative attends this convention in the role of advisor to the Canadian Government delegation on avian matters.

Standards of Practice

The AACC has developed a Stadards of Practice booklet to provide guidance to avicultursts on the management of birds in captivity. towards a goal of ensuring their welfare. One can find the full policy on Standards of Care on our webpage.

...and finally

The AACC, among other functions also corresponds with other National and International Avicultural Organizations.

It is hoped that these few lines will explain the functions of the A.A.C.C. and how a few dedicated people are assisting Canadian aviculture. Currently the A.A.C.C. has more than twenty affiliated clubs and hundreds of individual members in Canada and around the world. HOWEVER, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Join the A.A.C.C. now and also make a contribution to the Avian Preservation Foundation. If you have concerns about aviculture in Canada or you would like further information on the A.A.C.C. you may send e-mail to our President, Mr. Jeremy Faria at or write to:

The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
c/o 77 Long Island Crescent, Markham, Ontario L3P 7M1

Ring correspondence should be addressed to Gary D'Ornellas at

oin us today!

With your help the A.A.C.C. will become an even stronger voice for all Canadian aviculturists!

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