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Poul Christiansen

Poul Christiansen

Budgerigar Judge

Poul Christiansen, 947 51st Street, Delta B.C. V4M 3Z9
Phone (604) 943-8655 , E-mail:

Poul's interest in birds started in his early childhood, in Otterup, Denmark. By the age of five, he was helping his parents on their family farm, breeding chickens and ducks, and winning his first poultry show at the age of ten. Poul got his first pair of budgies by the age of seven and it all began from then; he was breeding finches and budgies; but did not start showing budgies until he immigrated to Canada.

Immigrating to Canada in 1973, Poul worked as a European trained butcher at Freybe Sausage, until he started working at Canada Safeway in the mid 1970's. Meeting his wife Shanet in 1978, and married in 1979 they moved to Tsawwassen in 1979; to start their family. They have two daughters, Sheena and Heidi. Sheena and husband Liam made Poul a proud grandfather in 1999, to his grandson Bailey.

In 1999, Poul became a member to the Vancouver Island Bird Club was introduced to Jim Marshall and Ray Watson, and this is when Poul was reintroduced into breeding and showing budgies. Today Poul is breeding budgies and hookbills as a champion breeder. In 2010, he became a judge for Western Canada Budgerigar; and in 2012, he became a member for the judging panel for AACC in Budgies.

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