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Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

Budgerigar Judge

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, where he was involved with various bird species, Jim gravitated towards the Budgerigar.

In 1957 Jim and his family uprooted and moved to Canada, after becoming established in his exciting new country, some 10 years later, he became acquainted with the Hamilton & District Cage Bird Society, of which he became a member and eventually was president for a few terms.

Today Jim still attributes his passion to his early years in the Canadian fancy with guidance from great  Budgerigar people like Niel O'Brien, Len Corner, Rod MacDonald, Harry Chernenko, Don Spittles, Nick Murray, Bruce Aspden, Lou Lavelette and many more.

But the one who had the greatest influence on Jim's fascination with the Budgerigar was his dear friend and mentor the late Thomas Orr Knox.

Jim and his wife Dorothy, children Mark and Jillian, moved from Ontario to BC in 1975 where they have made their home ever since. His dearest accomplishment every since moving to British Columbia has been his involvement with the Western Canada Budgerigar Association of which he is a founding member. He also feels very fortunate to be in an area where there is an abundance of quality fanciers in all varieties of birds.

Jim has been breeding, exhibiting and judging Budgerigars in Canada around 38 years and has seen some astounding advancements in the Budgerigar in that short time, and he maintains that in the hands of skilful dedicated fanciers we haven't seen anything yet!

Jim Marshall, 8878 Copper Ridge Drive, Chilliwack, BC,V2R 5V2
Phone (604) 702-4469, E-mail

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