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Robert Larochelle

Robert Larochelle

Canary Judge

Robert lives in a country town near Montreal, Quebec.  He has been breeding canaries since 1980 and specializes in Glosters.  He is an accredited type canary judge both in Canada and the USA, and has won most of the major awards with his canaries in both countries.

"I look for birds with a lot of type, excellent feather quality and clarity of color.  Birds must also have a good disposition and behave well in a show cage that reflects the owner's attention to details.  I am always honoured when breeders trust me to judge their birds, and I try to give each and every bird a chance to display at its best."

Robert Larochelle, 2251 Chemin Principal, St-Joseph-du-Lac (QC), J0N 1M0, Phone: 450-623-1315, Email:

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