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Ron Cloutier

Ron Cloutier

Finch Judge

Ron is 39 years old and has a degree in animal sciences, graduating with the highest honours. He got his first set of budgies at age 14 for for a Christmas present and bought a few more pair the following year.

He attended his first show in 1997 and first showed himself at the 1999 CAS show, winning the title for the best adult gouldian finch. Since then he has shown at CBSH 1999-2001, London and District Cage Bird Assoc: 2000-present, BFBS: 2005-present, AACC: 2005-present. He has stewarded at numerous shows since 2000 and apprenticed under Pat Donnelly for two years where he learned to judge finches/foreign birds. Ron also attended shows and apprenticed under Jake Hoekstra, Bernie Van Erp and Sam Crabbe. Ron currently breeds lady gouldians, red throat and blue faced parrot finches, java sparrows, Siberian Gold Finches, Red crested Finches and Japanese bengalese ( chiyoda, king frill, chuunagon).

Ron Cloutier, 11781 3rd Line South, Action, ON, L7J 2M1

Phone (519) 853-3489, E-mail

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