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Dunstan Browne

Dunstan Browne

Type Canary Judge

A bird fancier from his early years, Dunstan bred and kept wild birds, finches and exotics in his native South Africa for many years until he started breeding canaries in 1975. By the time he immigrated to Canada in 1982, he was a champion breeder, exhibitor and judge of canaries. Although he has bred and shown Border, Norwich, Lizard and Fife canaries, his first love has always been the miniature Gloster.

He is the Canadian representative and a panel judge of the International Gloster Breeders Association of the U.K. and a founding member of the Canadian Canary Association. He is currently the President and a Panel Judge of the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada and Vice President and Director of the Avian Preservation Foundation.

Dunstan Browne, 8715 Nash Place, Sidney, BC, V8L 4G9
Phone (250) 655-4811 Fax (250) 655-0738 E-mail hdbrowne@shaw.ca

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