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Hosted by the London and District Cage Bird Society


November 20, 2010

To: The A.A.C.C.

The 2010 Canadian National Cage Bird Show was held in London., October 8-10th. The London and District Cage Bird Association has the honour of hosting this 51st National Show. It was a"bird lovers" weekend with exhibitors from all over Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia who brought 750 entries with them. The support from the other Clubs was fantastic. Every exhibitor received a commemorative pen and case plus a goodie bag of bird products.

The raffle table was loaded with donated items. Our members donated lots of birds and cages---Budgies, Cockatiels, Finches, Diamond Doves and a gorgeous pair of opaline Red Rumps. The raffle goes a long way to help with the Show expenses. We owe a big THANK YOU to Hagen's, Moore's Seeds and Baden Seeds for their generous donations of bird food, cages and bird products. Support these companies, they support all of us. THANK YOU to the A.A.C.C. for their financial aid which helped us to produce a quality show.

THANK YOU to our Judges:

Colourbred Canaries - Tony Farrugia, Malta & Joe Mannino, U.S.A.

Border Canaries - John Begonja, U.S.A.

Type Canaries - Francisco Garguillo, U.S.A.

Foreign Birds - Pat Donnelly, Canada

Budgies - Jeff Coles, Canada

The National Show awarded more than 150 trophies and rosettes. The display of the awards was quite impressive. The winner of the BEST BIRD IN SHOW was won by a young Alexandrian Ringneck owned by Ray & Kathy Levigne, of London. It was a gorgeous bird in impeccable condition. Ray & Kathy took home an outstanding trophy donated by Claudio Elia of London (our trophy supplier)

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners:

Best Border - Ray Theze

Best Gloster - C&Y Carillo

Best Yorkshire - John Kotsores

Best Lizard - Jose Rodrigues

Best Rarer Fancy - D. Deruche

Best Norwich - John Kotsores

Best Frill - Jose Rodrigues

Best Fife - Joe Cacilhas



BEST LIPOCHROME - G. Alfano & M. Tanie

BEST MELANIN - S. Varvarigas


Best African Finch - Robert Whittle

Best Grass Finch - Mario Da Silva

Best Indian Finch - Mario Da Silva

Best Softbill or Cardinal - Mike Manley

Best Dove or Quail - Bernie Van Erp

BEST ZEBRA FINCH - Ricardo Gaskin


Best Cockatiel - Bernie Van Erp

Best Young Cockatiel - M. Tiede

Best Lovebird - Dave Sylvester

BEST HOOKBILL - George Smallman (Red Rump Parakeet)

BEST Australian - Mike Manley

Best Gouldian - Robert Whittle

Best S. American - Mike Manley

Best European - Bernie Van Erp

Best Bengalese - Mario Da Silva


BEST BUDGIE - Carl Slavin


BEST BIRD IN SHOW - Ray & Kathy Levigne (Alexandrian Ringneck)


There were many awards for seconds and thirds but I only listed the BEST. We also gave out awards to the top 3 people who brought the most birds.

On Sunday, there was a huge selection of birds for sale. Everyone had lots to admire and pick from. The public supported us very well with lots of visitors coming through. We made the local T.V. news at 6 and 11. The Club kept the cost of admission and the cost of food (drink) down so that more families could afford to come out and visit the Show. After a11, that's what it is all about --- promoting our hobby, breeding top quality birds and educating the present and future hobbyists about the world of birds.


In conclusion, our President, Mark Tiede and Show Manager, Louis DeMeIo, worked for many months behind the scenes to make the 2010 National an enjoyable experience for the exhibitors, the workers and the public. Myself, I think that we accomplished our goal because we received many compliments and comments about the many awards, the food that we served, our raffle table and the overall friendliness and atmosphere of the show.


June Munro

Secretary, LDCBA


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